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Tap into your pleasure potential.


Embrace Your Surrender with the GB 3000 Red Plastic Chastity Cage

Step into the thrilling realm of BDSM with the GB 3000 Red Plastic Chastity Cage. This eye-catching contraption is your ticket to a world of intense pleasure and ultimate obedience. With its sturdy and lightweight plastic construction, the GB 3000 offers a comfortable yet secure fit, effectively inhibiting the wearer’s physical abilities.

Make no mistake, this isn’t your average adult novelty. The GB 3000 is an essential accessory for those ready to explore their limits. Let the game of power and control begin!

Features GB 3000 Red Plastic Chastity Cage

Material Plastic (Polycarbonate)
Product Inventory

1 chastity cage

5 ring sizes

2 spacers

1 brass padlock + 2 keys

5 disposable padlocks

Ring Dimensions


Diameter in mm:


Cage Dimensions

Upper length: 82 mm

Lower length: 60 mm

External diameter: 34 mm

Color Red
Design GB 3000
Usage BDSM Play, Chastity

Key Features

  • Lightweight: Recommended for dynamic males seeking abstinence.
  • Ergonomic: The multiple cockring dimensions included with the cage will ensure a good fit.
  • Openable ring: Ensures easy and quick installation.
  • Padlock type lock:  For bondage enthusiasts who appreciate the “click” announcing the start of the caging.


  • Breathable:  Has multiple ventilation holes arranged on the entire wall.
  • Central slot: Positioned at the end of the penis, it allows for easy urination.
  • Quality materials: Cage made of superior quality plastic.
  • Easy to clean: Wash the cage with warm water and use a mild, unscented soap to disinfect it.

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