Cage Male Micro Metal Chastity





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Unlock a New Realm of Submission with Micro Chastity Cage Metal Confinement

Embark on a journey where control meets subtle elegance with the Micro Chastity Cage. Your dominant will bask in the joy of governing your every impulse, guiding you gently into a world where restraint opens doors to uncharted territories of sensations and obedience. Unveil a delicate balance between comfort and secure confinement, ensuring that every moment in the Micro Metal Cage becomes a delightful eternity of anticipation. Revel in the exquisite tension, as each second turns into a meticulous exploration of boundaries, whispers of submission, and an undulating path towards unparalleled intimate connection.

Features of the Cage Male Micro Metal Chastity

Material Stainless steel

Ring dimensions


36 mm

40 mm

45 mm

50 mm

Cage dimensions

Tube length: 30 mm

Total length: 45 mm

Internal diameter: 33 mm

Weights 130 g


  • Short: Suitable for men with small genitals.
  • Discreet: Maximum discretion under clothing.
  • Playful: The ventilation slots will allow your mistress to test your sensitivity to tingling and other luxuries.


  • Very breathable: The space between the bars allows your mistress to titillate, lick and caress your penis.
  • Odourless: Stainless steel is non-permeable, so it won’t absorb unpleasant odours.
  • Rust-proof: Stainless steel will not rust, even when exposed to moisture.
  • Easy to clean: Wash the cage in warm water and use a mild, odourless soap to disinfect it.
  • Star lock: Practical and effective, this is the ideal mechanism for short-term use.


  • Strong : Stainless steel is a strong metal, ideal for permanent submission.
  • Light: Suitable for energetic dominants looking for abstinence.
  • Distinguished metallic design: Smooth, gleaming steel partitions will embellish your submissive sex into a sparkling jewel.

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