Cage Metal Berlin Chastity Tower





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Awaken Your Senses with Elegant Restraint

Dive into the world of BDSM with the Cage Metal Berlin Chastity Tower. Crafted to tantalise your senses, its spider-web design offers bold allure for unforgettable private soirées. Sturdy metal encases with grace and assurance, promising an intense, extraordinary experience.


    Features of the Cage Metal Berlin Chastity Tower

    Material Stainless steel

    Ring dimensions



    40 mm

    45 mm

    50 mm

    Cage size Length with ring: 75 mm

    Strong points

    • Long: Perfect for men with long genitals.
    • Atypical design: In the shape of a spider’s web, its design will be all the rage in your local bdsm clubs.
    • Playful: The ventilation slots will allow your mistress to test your sensitivity to tingling and other luxuries.
    • Hinged cockring: Practical and easy to adjust.


    • Highly breathable: The space between the bars allows total ventilation, preventing any possible build-up of unpleasant odours.
    • Urine slit: Located at the end of the glans, it allows you to urinate while remaining in the cage.
    • Odourless: Stainless steel is non-porous, so it doesn’t retain unpleasant odours.
    • Rust-proof: Stainless steel does not deteriorate, even when exposed to moisture.
    • Easy to clean: Simply clean with soapy water.


    • Padlock: For Bondage enthusiasts who like the simplicity and reliability of a standard padlock.
      Robust: This metal penis cage is made from stainless steel.
      Massive: Its weight will remind you of your abstinence at every moment.

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