Modern Men’s Chastity Belt





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Modern blue chastity belt for men 

This modern chastity belt for men is the perfect gift for your Queen. With its medical silicone-covered cables, it’s a modern statement. It’s ultra-comfortable to wear and lightweight, demonstrating the full potential of today’s abstinence toys. This male chastity belt comes with a stainless steel penis cage and an optional anal plug. So this state-of-the-art chastity device should be particularly popular with men who love prostate stimulation!

Belt Details :

  • Material: Stainless steel, silico
  • Usage: BDSM practice, sexual abstinence
  • Locking system: Padlock
  • Included in packaging: 1 belt, 1 padlock, 2 keys
  • Adjustable waist and crotch
  • Comfortable
  • Discreet delivery
    Cage size (Millimetre)
    Length 65 mm
    Diameter 32 mm
    Dimension (Millimètre)
    Length 110 mm
    Diameter 20 to 28 mm

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