Electric Chastity Belt for Women





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Innovative Women’s Electric Chastity Belt with Dual Vibrating Dildos

Experience a daring twist in your intimate adventures with the Electric Chastity Belt for Women. Designed for those who crave a blend of restriction and intense pleasure, this sexual device is a game-changer in forced orgasms, elevating the excitement for both the submissive and the Dominant. This belt comes equipped with dual remote-controlled vibrating dildos. The electric mechanism ensures overwhelming vaginal and prostate stimulation. Slip it on, lock it in place after binding your submissive, and then watch in anticipation as it leads to an explosive finish! This versatile device can also be adapted for male use, making it a unique addition to your collection.


  • Material: Leather, hypoallergenic medical silicone dildo
  • Size: Adjustable waist and inseam
  • Usage: BDSM, erotic games
  • Locking system: Padlock
  • Included: 2 padlocks, 2 keys, 2 dildos, 2 remote controls
  • Benefits: Forced prostate and vaginal stimulation
  • Discreet delivery
      Dildo dimensions (Millimetre)
      Dildo n°1 13 x 3,6 mm
      Dildo n°2 10 x 3,5 mm

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