Chastity Belt For Submissive Women





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Discover Our Range of Coloured Chastity Belts for the Submissive Woman

Indulge in your erotic evenings and bring your deepest fantasies to life with our Chastity Belt for Submissive Women. This belt tightly encircles the waist, securely locking away feminine allure. A perfect toy for abstinent play, it boasts versatility with its adjustable features, making it an ideal choice for both the experienced mature and the curious beginner. Our belt showcases an expanded frontal band covering the vulva, while elegantly shaping into a thong-style at the rear. It’s designed for the daring, allowing for spanking and whipping escapades.


  • Material: Stainless steel, medical silicone
  • Size: Adjustable waist and inseam
  • Usage: BDSM practice, sexual abstinence
  • Locking system: Padlock and lock
  • Included in packaging: 1 belt, 1 padlock, 1 lock, 2 keys
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