Male Chastity Nano Pain Cage





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Absolute Control, Contained Desire

Discover the power of control and the longing for obedience with the Male Chastity Nano Pain Cage. This is the ideal apparatus to commence your abstinence. Transform your submission into an art form, making every moment a sweet anticipation. Dare the change, and embrace a new mode of controlled desire.ôlé.

Features of the Male Chastity Nano Pain Cage

Material Stainless steel

Ring dimensions


40 mm

45 mm

50 mm

Cage size

Tube length: 25 mm

Internal diameter: 32 mm


  • Ventilation holes: placed in the right places, they allow urine to drain away, protecting your device from unpleasant odors and the possible accumulation of bacteria.
  • Full tube: this will increase your frustration at not being able to see or touch it.
  • Intense styling: synonymous with comfort and convenience. The metal is matte, smooth and without sharp edges.
  • Length: its short length guarantees maximum discretion under clothing. From now on, you’ll have no manhood with your micropenis.
  • Star key closure: A simple but effective system, preferably for short-term wear.
  • Easy to clean: Wash the cage in lukewarm water and use a mild, odorless soap to disinfect it.


Why choose the Male Chastity Nano Pain Cage?

Say goodbye to the tonic erections of yesteryear. This chastity cage will increase your sexual desires day after day. This dungeon will keep you safe from malevolent lusts.

Chastity is a psychological ordeal:

Be psychologically strong in the face of the humiliations and submissive labor your domina will order. This chastity cage will enable your dominant to act out all the carnal fantasies she’s been dreaming of. Your keyholder will regulate your libido and chastise you as soon as you deviate.

Vulnerable sexuality:

From now on, your little bird will be under absolute control, with every part of it (glans, testicles, urethra…) at risk of being titillated, grazed, scratched, pinched, stimulated continuously in a way that brings out your cowardly emotionalism. Your mistress will judge the duration of your deprivation. To shorten it, be a faithful and irreproachable male, ready to do anything to satisfy her every demand.

What does it mean to be chaste?

Accepting a contract of chastity means delivering all our inner strength to our mistress. To restrict oneself to sex or any other carnal attraction is one of the hardest wishes to fulfill, since sexuality is a man’s primary need. From a religious point of view, chastity means keeping one’s virginity until marriage. From a BDSM point of view, it means maintaining one’s tonus to sexually fulfill one’s partner’s desires.

Questions to think about before wearing a chastity cage:

Where do you want to wear your chastity cage? At home, during BDSM sessions, in public settings… Are you looking forward to being humiliated when your mistress shows you off to her friends? Is it just for testing, or to fulfill intimate desires?

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