White Demonia Silicone Cage Chastity





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Dive into a World of Forbidden Desires

The White Demonia Silicone Cage Chastity beckons you to a realm of tantalizing experiences. Artfully molded from silicone, this elegant restraint promises flexibility and confinement, positioning itself as the perfect initiation to BDSM.

Demonia isn’t just an accessory it’s a statement of power, control, and dedication. Comfort meets constraint in its sleek design, letting you explore boundaries with complete peace of mind. Dive deep, relinquish control, and allow the exquisite blend of comfort and excitement to take you on a journey like no other.


Features of the White Demonia Silicone Cage Chastity

Color Black
Matiere Silicone

Product inventory

1 chastity cage

2 ring sizes

1 brass padlock + 2 keys

Ring dimensions


Diameter in mm:

 (L) 44-50-55

(S) 38-41-44

Cage size

Length: 85 mm

Outside diameter: 43 mm


  • Lightweight :
  • Soft: For maximum comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Padlock closure: For chastity fans who like to hear the “click” of abstinence.
  • Easy to clean: Wash the cage in lukewarm water and use a mild, odorless soap to disinfect it.
  • Supplied with 2 different sizes of adjustable rings.

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