Metal Chastity Cage Lock Tiny space





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Discover the Thrill of Control with the Tiny-space Metal Chastity Cage Lock

Experience the intoxicating allure of dominance and submission with the Tiny-space Metal Chastity Cage Lock. This compelling piece of bondage gear is a treasure for those who crave intimate sexual fantasies. Immerse in the tantalizing joys of abstinence and orgasm denial. Make every moment count as you surrender to the game of power and pleasure, one locked cage at a time.

Characteristics of the Locking Chastity Cage – Metal – Tiny-space

Material Stainless steel
Weight 140 g

Ring dimensions


40 mm

45 mm

50 mm

Cage size

Tube length: 45 mm

Internal diameter: 31 mm


  • Short: Recommended for men with tiny genitals. Can be worn discreetly under clothes.
  • Playful: The ventilation slots will allow your mistress to test your sensitivity to tingling and other luxuries.
  • Internal lock: Strong, silent and discreet, it will go unnoticed under your clothes.


  • Highly breathable: You can wear the cage for long hours before sweating.
  • Central slit: Located at the end of the urethra, it allows you to relieve yourself without removing the cage.
  • Odourless: The metal is non-spongy, so it won’t absorb annoying odours.
    Rust-proof: The metal will not rust, even when exposed to moisture.

The More

  • Solid: Stainless steel is a strong metal, perfect for consistent abstinence.
  • Light: Ideal for sporty men looking for a personal challenge.
  • Distinguished metal design: Shiny, smooth metal walls will transform your submissive sex into a sparkling jewel.

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