Short Chastity Urethra Minipenis Cage





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Secure, Aesthetic, and Comfort in One

Discover the Short Chastity Urethra Minipenis Cage, the ideal instrument for bringing your most hidden fantasies to life. Delve into the art of abstinence and orgasm denial safely and with a minimalist design. Comfortable and discreet, this cage will swiftly become an essential part of your sensual play.

Features of the Short Chastity Urethra Minipenis Cage


  • Short: Suitable for people with a tiny penis. It can be worn discreetly under any outfit.
  • Closed tube: Gives the penis a trendy, modern design. Not being able to see your sex heightens arousal.
  • Oval cockring: Improves comfort in the bursa and stops rubbing in the scrotum.


  • Ventilation holes: Ventilate the surface of the penis and prevent perspiration.
  • Urine hole: Located at the tip of the glans, it allows you to urinate without removing the cage.
  • Odourless: Metal is not permeable and does not retain any unpleasant odours.
  • Rust-proof: The metal does not corrode, even when exposed to moisture.


  • Plastic urethra probe: For a sensation of deep penetration. Your penis will be squeezed from inside and out.
  • Perforated urethra catheter: Allows urine and semen to flow out without having to leave the cage.


  • Internal lock: Resistant, silent and secret, it will go unnoticed under your trousers.
  • Solid: Stainless steel is a strong metal, perfect for continuous use.
  • Lightweight: Suitable for energetic submissives looking for a personal challenge.
  • Refined metallic design: Smooth, shiny steel partitions will transform your slave’s penis into a shining jewel.

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