Glistening Metal Chastity Cage





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Uncover the allure of BDSM with this lustrous accessory. Dive into a new realm of intimate exploration.

The Glistening Metal Chastity Cage represents an essential tool for those delving into the BDSM world. Experience the captivating thrills of abstention and the tantalising denial of climax.

Caractéristique de la Glistening Metal Chastity Cage


  • Long: Suitable for men with long penises.
  • Closed tube: Gives the penis a futuristic, modern look. Not being able to admire your sex increases arousal.
  • Playful: The ventilation slits give your master the opportunity to observe your emotions as you pinch and lust.


  • Ventilation holes: Aerate the skin of the penis and prevent perspiration.
  • Central slit: Located at the tip of the penis, it allows you to urinate while remaining in the cage.
  • Odourless: Metal is non-porous and does not absorb unpleasant odours.
  • Rust-proof: Stainless steel will not rust, even when exposed to moisture.


  • Adjustable cockring: Suitable for all body shapes.
  • Spacers: Adaptable spacing between the tube and the ring.


  • Padlock: Basic, reliable and elegant, this is the ideal lock for bondage experts.
  • Solid: Stainless steel is a robust metal, optimal for constant submission.
  • Light: This is one of the lightest chastity cages thanks to its thin walls.
  • Refined metal design: The smooth, shiny metal walls will transform your slave penis into a sparkling jewel.

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