Plastic Chastity Cage GB 6000 Purple





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Ultimate Control with the GB6000 Purple Chastity Cage

Does your little bird need a bit of restraint? The Plastic Chastity Cage GB6000 in a stunning purple hue is here to compress you into complete abstinence and submission. Engineered for the audacious spirit bound by the thrill of denial, this device isn’t just a restraint; it’s your new regime. With its subtle curve and lightweight design, it promises an unfinished and awkward erection, all while ensuring your utmost comfort. Breathe easy and stay hygienic with its well-ventilated structure, while the central slit remains a thoughtful touch for the necessities. The openable ring and elegant lock seal the deal for an unyielding, yet graceful submission.

Characteristics of the Plastic Chastity Cage GB 6000 Purple

Material Plastic (Polycarbonate)

Product inventory

1 chastity cage

5 ring sizes

2 spacers

1 brass padlock + 2 keys

5 disposable padlocks

Ring dimensions


Diameter in mm:


Cage size

Length x width:

80 mm x 37 mm (S)

100 mm x 37 mm (L)

    Strong points

    • Lightweight: Ideal for energetic men looking for submission.
    • Ergonomic: The many ring sizes included with the cage guarantee a good fit.
    • Opening ring: Ensures quick and easy installation.
    • Padlock: For bondage enthusiasts who love to hear the “click” that signals the beginning of the encagement.


    • Breathable: Has various ventilation holes all over the surface.
    • Central slit: Located at the end of the sex, it allows urination without leaving the cage.
    • Quality materials: Medical-grade polycarbonate cage.
    • Easy to clean: Wash the cage in warm water and apply a mild, odourless soap to sterilise it.

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