Metal GB6000S Shiny Chastity Cage





Tap into your pleasure potential.


Ignite Your Fantasies with the Metal GB6000S Shiny Chastity Cage

Embrace the power of abstinence with the Metal GB6000S Shiny Chastity Cage. This unique piece isn’t merely a BDSM accessory, it’s the key to unlocking your most intimate fantasies. Experience the titillating joy of orgasm denial, where every shared glance and whispered promise becomes an amplified thrill.

Features Metal GB6000S Shiny Chastity Cage
Material Shiny Metal
Design Distinct GB6000S Design
Purpose Orgasm Denial, Abstinence
BDSM accessory Yes
Intimate Fantasies Yes


  • Short: Recommended for people with a micropenis. Can be worn discreetly under any outfit.
  • Closed tube: Gives the penis a trendy, modern look. Not being able to see your sex heightens arousal.
  • 2-part cockring: Fast, effortless adjustment.


  • Ventilation holes: Ventilate the skin of the glans and prevent perspiration.
  • Central slit: Located at the tip of the penis, it allows you to urinate without removing the cage.
  • Odourless: Stainless steel is non-spongy and does not absorb unpleasant odours.
  • Rust-proof: Stainless steel does not corrode, even when exposed to moisture.

The More

  • Solid: Stainless steel is a strong metal, ideal for permanent submission.
  • Light: Perfect for sporty men looking for abstinence.
  • Refined metallic design: The smooth, shiny metal partitions will embellish your submissive sex like a shining jewel.
  • Padlock closure: Simple, durable and classy, this is the ideal closure for bondage experts.

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